Spiderman samples!


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  1. jef black on said:

    Herrera, your work is killer man. absolutely knocks me out. i have two questions. 1: both you and humberto have books out published by soliel. how do i go about getting those here in the states. and 2: will you offer your sketchbook online after the comiccon for people who can’t make that trip.

  2. matt simecek on said:

    francisco your spiderman is awesome! this has to have been done a long time ago. asking you to do a spiderman sample is like asking kirby to an FF sample. nuff’ said.

  3. Sketchy at Best on said:

    Such a cool take on the old webhead! You make him look insectile even when he’s in mid air. Sketches kick ass as well, nice to see someone show the way they think on the page and not just wait for the back few pages of the trade paperbacks.
    Peace Out :)

  4. Jos (el arquero jaja) on said:

    spider man…. the best heroe…. its just…. amazing m8, i wanna get some work of yours specially spiderman!! awesome art work Paco

  5. fernando on said:

    estan geniales. tu los coloreaste? si hubiera una serie animada asi. seria lo maximo.

  6. hey man. just curious, did you also do the interior pages for Peter Parker: Spider Man (just another manic Monday) #52 as well? or just the cover of spidey hanging upside down?

  7. jarb07 on said:

    hola francisco , tu arte es genial , apreciable realmente……….. soy un dibujante en ascenso , hace unos meses que te conosco (por tus obras) y tu estilo es unico , algo parecido al de humberto ramos, (o el te copio a vos?) porfa me envias mas imagenes de tus obras , si pueden ser de spiderman , mucho mejor , nos vemos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jarb07

  8. merritt on said:

    Wow i really love this !

    but Mary jane’s pose seems familiar ,looks like one of the poses that that character Ashly from kamikaze, i think in the 6ths issue .

  9. Spiderman Coloring Pages on said:

    Thats a brilliant style you have, very dynamic and engaging poses for the characters. I like it :)

  10. Wow Francisco Herrera, te admiro brutalmente!
    Te conocí el año pasado en una subasta a la que donaste dos obras tuyas y un póster autografiados para apoyar a los damnificados por la inundaciones en el estado de Veracruz, (me tome DEMASIADAS fotos contigo). Pelee en subasta el original de Spiderman que donaste y … lo perdí jaja! Pero me pude quedar con el póster (FUCK YEAH!)

    Sigue dibujando!

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