Aspen-Soul Fire, character desing sketches

OK Guys!, here you have some sketchbox inside pages. please feel free to send some feedback!003HBblg_Aspen.jpg

10 comments on “Aspen-Soul Fire, character desing sketches

  1. PhilB on said:

    hey so when does this book come out? (or did I miss it already…?)

  2. Chris on said:

    I can’t wait to pick up your Aspen work!

  3. Fabián Fucci on said:

    Beautiful sketches!

  4. Marko Luna on said:

    this are awesome,.love it man.–thanks

  5. Jos (el arquero jaja) on said:

    lo quiero!!!! great sketches m8, i wanna get some work of yours!

  6. P. Amaro on said:

    sus trabajos son muy buenos e los acompaño del brazil

  7. Juan Diego Molina on said:

    Hi, I really apreciate your work, I´m starting in illustration and I wanna know how you make your works (if this is good for you).

    you´re great illustrator.

  8. David W. on said:

    Love the artwork, man. It’s badass, but is this still going on? I have #0 and loved it, but haven’t seen anymore.

  9. I think it’s sooooo cool!! Love your work! I try to do stuff like comix and stuff but doesn’t look nearly as good as yours…

    Well done!!!

  10. Keystone on said:

    Nice site. Check out mine.

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