This is the cover for my first sketchbook, will be done for San Diego’s ComiCon this year, 48 pages Hard cover. I’m so happy to have this ready for the con, hope you like it.


9 comments on “SKETCHBOX!!.

  1. Pedro on said:

    Is there somewhere we can get this sketchbook in Mexico?

  2. PhilB on said:

    yeah! man it is great to see you now have a blog! I first saw your work on Venom: Shiver… and that’s all it took… man I love your artistic style and can’t wait to see more of your stuff posted here. I’ll be in San Diego and will definitely be picking up your sketchbook… any chance you’ll have other works for sale (i.e. originals)? Great inspiration… thanks!

  3. Kirsten on said:

    Nice! We can hardly wait to see your first sketchbook!! See you at the COMICON!!

  4. *eva* on said:

    Jijiji Mikey evil
    i’m watching you O_o*

  5. Rulzdemol on said:

    Si te compro un sketchbook podrías enviármelo a España? Muy guapo el blog ;)

  6. Scott Hume on said:

    Oh man this is awesome dude, please tell me your gonna be coming to the Toronto con at the end of the summer,,and you’ll have this.

  7. Marko Luna on said:

    wow pako esta genial.– awesome dude.–

  8. Jos (el arquero jaja) on said:

    same doupt as Pedro jaja, i wanna get it! by the way, awesome work m8!

  9. OscarSamano on said:

    Me uno al comentario de Pedro, ¿dónde se puede encontrar tu Sketchbox en México? Saludos

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