Hey Guys!!

Ok I have a good news! Brandstudio will sell the book online, so you can go there at Pre orders will be available in a couple of days.

Anyway San Diego is coming and I’ll be there with this baby!

I’m working with my friend Leonardo, in a special extra item for San Diego this year, so here you have my first sketch for this odd idea, hope you like it and we let you know what this is all about!


19 comments on “SKETCHBOX!! ONLINE.

  1. Marko Luna on said:


  2. Frasier Olivier on said:

    ahahah! Super…

  3. COMIKXGUY on said:


  4. P. Amaro on said:

    Muy bueno!
    hehee e parabien a el mexico 2X0

  5. SalBa on said:

    Muy chulo tu blog, Hace tiempo que conozco tu trabajo, y es un placer tener este blog a mano para ver cosas nuevas. Me pasaré por aqui par ver que vas colgando. Un saludo

  6. SHUSHU on said:

    Francisco, te admiro demasiado y me da tanta alegría el éxito que tienes y tendrás durante tu vida, me encanta la idea de compartirlo e ir creciendo juntos siempre.


  7. fernando on said:


  8. Chris Carman on said:

    I’m so stoked I found your blog!! I’ve been a huge fan of your work for since that cliffhanger surfing book you did years ago.

    fantastic sketches, can’t wait to get a copy of your book at SD

  9. Finn5fel on said:

    Acabo de encargar mi copia. Con que me parezca tan solo la mitad de estupendo que el número 1 de Soulfire: NWO, me doy por satisfecho!

  10. Javier Giangiacomo on said:

    Que alegria haber encontrado tu blog, hace un monton que siempre buscaba imagenes o paginas tuyas para descargar de lla web, soy un gran fan tuyo y de Humberto, pero vivo en una pequeña ciudad de Argentina, y aqui es imposible conseguir vuestros comics. Me dedico al dibujo, sobre todo de libros para niños y comics de Scooby y Looney Tunes. Te mando un gran abrazo y mis felicitaciones por tu gran trabajo.

  11. hey friend !
    i’m really happy to discover you came on the web finally !
    i hope to meet you again at angouleme, and to see this art book as soon as possible !
    a bientôt mec !

  12. Mark Behm on said:

    Preordered. I’m a big fan and I’m stoked that I found your blog from Alberto’s.

  13. dega-sama on said:

    Mr. Herrera, I really like your artstyle….are you going to sign artbooks…when i finally get yours, will there be a way for me to get it signed?

  14. Bulletin News on said:

    Terrific review talking about SKETCHBOX!! ONLINE.. Always enjoy your interesting posts!

  15. WWE Action Figure on said:

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  16. WWE Lita on said:

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  17. Eve Reid on said:

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