New Server New Address!

Hi there people,

I’m writing to let you know that we had change servers so we can really offer nice things.

Because of that we had to change the original direct address we had for the blog. I recommend you folks that when refering to this blog to give the address: since we are planning to make a full website from this.

Meanwhile thanks to all that have written, for sure has been a great surprise so much feedback!

Also to the people that had wrote me before and are in constant touch, please contact me again so that way you don’t think I’m lost.



4 comments on “New Server New Address!

  1. Mokuu on said:

    Bro, you have alot of power in your sketch, its amazing, that energy.

  2. Dennis DeMercer on said:

    Your Character Design interview was AMAZING! Thanks for taking the time to do that. Your art has been an inspiration to me so I’m glad you’ve started a blog so I could tell you.

    The art you’ve posted here is great and I can’t wait to see what else you post. I’m definitely going to be purchasing a copy of your sketchbook! I’ll probably get Humberto’s too.

    Anyway, thanks for drawing and blogging! Keep it up!


  3. Kandrix on said:

    Hey Francisco,

    if you’re setup at the Brand Studio booth, then we’ll be neighbors for San Diego. Laurie & I are looking forward to seeing your sketchbook! It’s only 10 days away now!


  4. luis herrera on said:

    im from mazatlan
    my english is doesn´t good
    but i try to write it good.
    well, i love your designs
    and i think you do an amazing pictures
    i love your work and i want to draw like you.
    i hope you read my comment.
    and my last name is like yours yeahh!!
    that´s amazing.
    Well i go now
    and thi is a great blog.
    I have only 14
    and i want to become a good designer like you
    ro my uncle. jajaja

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