More Lunna stuff!!

Hey guys, here you have a new color stuff for lunna short story, Leonardo’s color touch is just amazing hope you like it.017HBlog_Lunna.02.jpg

24 comments on “More Lunna stuff!!

  1. sean galloway on said:

    This is mesmerizing, Francisco!!!!
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful page!

  2. hey paco esta con madre y el color tambien, qe onda cuando, como, donde se va poder conseguir esta historia?


  3. Esdras on said:

    Estupendo !!
    El color recuerda mucho al utilizado por el master Meglia en sus Cañari.

  4. awesome, bro! looking forward to seeing the whole thing!

  5. Thom Trainor on said:


  6. iselanin on said:

    Que pasada. Genial.

  7. Dramiro on said:

    Joder Francisco, como te odio. Jejejejejejeje
    P.D: Fantastico, como de costumbre

  8. Dramiro on said:

    Joder Francisco como te odio. Jejejejejejeje.
    Colega como de costubre FANTASTICO. Nos estas mal acostumbrando.

  9. AmericanNinjaX on said:

    Wow, this looks amazing!

  10. BobJinx on said:

    Awesome drawings…and yes…the color…WOW. Loving the characters, too.

  11. Davi Leon on said:

    sus obras son muy expresivas y detalladas. Enhorabuena tienes el talento.

  12. Beautiful!!

  13. impresionante, los diseños increibles, me encantan y el color…. me deja helado, me gusta mucho.

  14. Carlos Sarmento on said:

    Genial!!! Muy muy buen trabajo!

  15. ccarman on said:

    wow…gorgeous!! man I love the cooler up-lighting.


  16. Nunumi on said:

    This is so lovely. Can’t wait to see it all finished! :) Keep up this so amazing work!

  17. alufblufunk on said:

    francisco you must get a deviant art acount, the community is amazing!

  18. NAB! on said:

    hi MR herrera . u are a favourite artist of me . gooooood work Man continue :) pEace !

  19. milind on said:

    awesome coloring.brilliant ,very inspiring.

  20. pablo on said:

    Looks amazing

  21. animarcus on said:

    That comic was incredible, made me buy the album “Sur les Traces de Luuna, tome II”. You are very quickly becoming one of my favorite artist.

  22. awesome !! Ibeleved that Nicolas loves it !!

  23. Jeff Solway on said:


  24. JSmith on said:

    What is this from? I must knowwww!!! It is beautiful

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