X Men!


My friend Joseph Damon did this amazing color in one of my commissions hope you like’t                                                                                                                                                               best



12 comments on “X Men!

    That looks awesome! Got myself a new screen saver.
    Cuidate Compa.

  2. I do like it! Very cool!

  3. luis arturo on said:

    Muy chingonsòn!!

  4. cagatay on said:

    Herrera ,unbelievable.perfect this

  5. this was my favorite one in your last sketchbox and now in color looks mas con madre ja you are awesome men

  6. VinnySpin on said:

    very nice. would love for you to draw me someday. -:-1

  7. Inferno on said:

    Very nice work.

  8. Dramiro on said:

    Da gusto volver a disfrutar de tus novedades Carnal¡¡¡
    Te quedo genial¡¡¡ Un fuerte abrazo hermano

  9. cagatay on said:

    herrera!to wait new sketch!!!!!come on

  10. riskbreaker24 on said:

    magaling!hehehe!very good man!

  11. ChrisD on said:


  12. JIsrael on said:

    Me encanto este ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡esta genial! !!!!!!! espero sigas sacando mas cosas como estas aunque sea para mostrarle algo alos fanssss

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