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Hey guys!

Next week my friend Booby Chiu and I will chat on skype for all his art community, you can go to, also you can make a drawing and win one of my originals plus a Bubble Pink Vynil figure,  Interview on Thursday April 15th, 2010 at 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT / 2am GMT (April 16th), go to check all the rules for the contest




8 comments on “Chat with Bobby Chiu

  1. ronald on said:

    buenas me gustaria participar pero como q solo es para canada y estados unidos q lastima

  2. haha, you spelled his name wrong :) Bobby Chiu :)

  3. Florian Satzinger on said:

    HERRERA!!! Your books arrived today! What a wonderful surprise, thank you so much. You and Humberto are MONSTERS!!

  4. Sofia Righteye on said:

    Hola Fransisco :D
    Me gusta mucho su arte y trabaja. Dibuje la “sexy bunny girl with crazy animal”.
    Es la mujer rosada y esta llorando en la dibujo porque tenga miedo de Scar de la pelicula “El Rey Leon”.

    Keep up the good work, good luck in the interview and I hope you apreciate my fan art :) !!

    Big fan in Boston,

  5. CRASHIING-COURSE on said:

    Hey, la convocatoria aparecio aqui 10 o 12 horas antes de que el concurso acabara, Se parece al método que usa el FONCA, Solo participaron , en su mayoria canadienses y norteamericanos. y creo que ningún mexican talent, apenas pude ingresar mi dibujillo
    Estuvo chida la video conferencia y el suspenso antes de decidir al ganador
    P.D. ¿Que pasó con los moderadores y el entrevistador? ni se te podían hacer preguntas de tu etapa en México en KB

  6. ADDICTEES on said:

    hola somos d la revista ADDICTEES y nos gustaria hacerte o hacerles una entrevista sobre su trabajo, ya te habiamos dejado un comentario en RABIA
    nos estamos viendo

  7. Matthew Beers on said:

    Just want to say thank you for your wonderfully inspirational work first of all… I am learning a lot just by studying your artwork. Second of all, thanks also to the link that you’ve provided to sketchoholic! Seems like a very exciting place for an artist and I look forward to checking it out and submitting stuff there soon! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

  8. Television Show on said:

    I got a bookmark on this site but I do not remember why ? Did there be another page on this adress ? ~blog Fan

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