More More Megamind!

Hi there!, here you have a new character I did, this one was for the red head guy but a little different  idea, concept and prespective, hope you like’t.


12 comments on “More More Megamind!

  1. your sketch lines very strong and awesome, I love your style !

  2. Richtoon on said:

    Just wanted to say that I’m a HUGE fan. I own all 4 sketchbox books and Ashes. Great work!
    This particular set is very good as well.

    I’m trying to get into the self publishing biz. You can see my stuff here:

    Great work!!

  3. LOVE!!!!!!

  4. Florian Satzinger on said:

    Ah, STOP IT! I can’t take it anymore!!! ;)

    Hahaha, beautiful concepts!

  5. Harold George on said:

    Just awesome!

  6. ezra lau on said:

    your use of line weight is incredible! you have very inspiring work

  7. you are the best … realy its a great work here, i hope you comeback too the comics for some special or something

  8. Excelente trabajo!! está genial!! acabo de comprar el Sketchbox 4 y está de lujo!! pero quiero los 3 Anteriores ya nos los vas a vender Paco? me interesan mucho!!

  9. I’m so glad you put these up!! I was the lead animator on Tighten and remember seeing these for the first time, hoping I would be able to animate these designs!!!

    The design we ended up with was great too, but I absolutely loved how massive you made him feel. Hopefully you’ll get to design some characters in the future that I do get a chance to work on!!!

    Lovely stuff man, big fan.

  10. Hey, compre unos de tus sketchbooks hace un tiempo, no sabia que estabas trabajando en megamind!! nice work …i love your artwork!

  11. COOL~?

  12. I love your artwork so much!I can learn a lot from your artwork!
    . Ps. I’m a 19 year old boy from china.Now I’m going to learn comics.

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