Megamind Girls!


Here you have some girls I did for Megamind, trying to find a style on body and faces, hope you like’t, I’ll add more Megamind stuff on my next book next year




7 comments on “Megamind Girls!

  1. Carlos Castro on said:

    They are very beautiful!!!

  2. David Ramiro on said:

    Muy buenos carnal… me compre el libro de Megamind para ver tus scketches. Pero tengo la ligera sensación que no saldrán muchos.
    Tendré que esperar al verano para compra tu futuro quinto libro.

  3. lazarini on said:

    Hi Mr Herrera, so I am a bigfanboy from your artworks and I would like compliment you by this amazing artworks and sketches….
    keep it up always master!!!!


  4. Awesome

  5. Fabian on said:

    Great designs, man!! There should have been nudity in Megamind, i was thinking that the other day. :D Excellent work, Herrera!

  6. VoogDesigns on said:

    Haven’t heard from you in awhile Fransisco. You OK? I am looking forward to some fresh posts to the HerreraBox. You have a big fan chomping on his pencil…

  7. Omar Rodriguez on said:

    Me gustan los shapes….really nice…cant wait to see your french animated movie.

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