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  1. Rodney Fyke on said:

    Hello Mr. Herrera, I wanted to inquire about your possible availability and page rate for interior pencils, inks, and colors. Also your cover rates.
    I have a book I’m looking to add to our line and I’m looking for incredibly expressive cartoony styles. You’re at the top of my list assuming we can afford you.
    Rodney Fyke.

  2. Clint Dodson on said:

    Do you do commissions for under a grand?

  3. LENNART on said:

    HI F.!




  4. Hey Francisco,

    I just want to say I love your artwork and i’ve been collecting your artbooks for quite some time now (not to sound too fanboy-ish). However i’ve been searching and searching for what seems like forever to find the second sketchbox volume of your series. I just can’t seem to find it anywhere and it’s like a gaping hole in my collection, lol. I figured that maybe you might have an idea as to where I could possibly still get the issue or if it just turns out to be my great white whale. Whether you do know or not, I just thought i’d let you know that I love your artwork and you’re a real inspiration to watch and learn from. Thanks.


  5. Que onda Paco!! yo me llamo Javier y soy un chavo al que le encanta dibujar, tomo clases con una persona con la que estudiaste (Ramon Espinoza), a mi me gustaria cuando tenga edad poder tener una oportunidad de entrar a la industria de los comics, porque eso la verdad a mi me lateral mucho. yo ya te conocí en una firma, pero me gustaria poder conocerte como un amigo, si me podrías ayudar o qu es lo que me conviene estudiar. bueno saludos Paco.

    P.d me fascinan tus dibujos y
    sketcbooks, ojala y algun dia me puedas autografear uno jeje.

  6. javier on said:

    Que onda Paco!! mi nombre es javier y soy un chavo al que le encanta dibujar, tomo clases con una persona que conoces (Ramon Espenoza), a mi me gustaria que cuando tenga edad pueda tener una oportunidad de entrar a la industria del comic, porque ese es uno de mis grandes sueños, yo ya te conoci en una firma, pero me gustaria poder conocerte como un amigo, ojala me pudieras ayudar y/o orientar para ver que es lo que debo hacer aparte de practicar mucho. saludos paco.

    P.d soy un gran fan de tus dibujos y sketchbooks, ojala y algun dia puedas firmarme uno jeje :)

  7. Zhang Le on said:

    Hello, I am a teacher of art?from China. I like drawing cartoon. I like your pictures very much and I admire you for the exaggeration used in the structure of the human body and the accurate actions of the characters. And all the characters in your pictures are distinct.
    I want to know what the principle of exaggeration used in the huamn body is. I often confused that I can’t find the proper porpotion. Enclosed are some of my pictures.
    Hope to get some suggestions. Thank you very much! I am looking forward to your early reply.

  8. delamare on said:

    i mister i m french student one of the teachers of the shool was speaking about you . and for me my work is a revalation for my disgn animation on my life thanks you and if you come to paris come to creapole in the 1 arrondisment thank youuu

  9. Jesse Acosta on said:

    Do you take commissions, and what are the prices? I’d like to get an illustration of El Santo.

  10. Hi,

    Big fan. I missed sketchbox 3 – is there any plan to do a 2nd printing? If not, know where I can find one?



  11. No es ninguna sugerencia ni nada, pero acabo de ver en un video que el guitarrista de Good Charlotte, Billy Martin te mencionó como uno de sus artistas favoritos, checha el video ;)
    Y propablemente quieras ver como trabaja el:
    Mis respetos a tu trabajo (:

  12. sergio aguilar rodiles on said:

    buenos dias paco, me interesa un dibujo original tuyo del capitan america, epoca 80′s, el clasico, escudo redondo de los vengadores… posible esto????

    cuanto costaria??? y en que tiempo lo tendrias?????

    agradezco tus atenciones y quedo en espera de tu amable respuesta.

    me gusta mucho tu estilo de dibujo.


  13. jerry "biggest fan" clark on said:

    please please please post more of your artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is inspiring and are talent

  14. Corey Fuhrer on said:

    Hi there Mr. Herrera,
    I have been a big fan of yours for quite awhile now – I love your work!
    I noticed that you will be appearing at the Philly Comicon this year – will you be there all 3 days? If so, will you be available for sketches and how much do you charge? I have started a con sketchbook in which I am asking my favorite artists to do a mash-up sketch of a squirrel and their favorite comic character. I have already acquired a squirrel Daredevil, a squirel Spiderman, etc., and I would love to add you to my sketchbook. Would this be something that you would be interested in?
    Hopefully you will have your sketchbooks for sale at the con as well.


  15. Michael Zapata on said:

    Hola!!!! geniales los dibujos quisiera saber donde encuentro mas imagenes tuyas y si tienes libros con bocetos de heroes gracias por la ayuda bye

  16. Celeste on said:

    Hello Herrera!

    I just found out who you where by a friend, he knows that I’v been trying to look for a cartoonist like you.
    Its hard to find artist like you that dont do just anime.
    I love your work and I was wondering if you had other names I could search that are cartoonists such as your-self.

    You taught me much just from your work and I appreciate it.

  17. Micah on said:

    Hello there Francisco,

    I wanted to ask you about the possibility of reprints on your sold out sketchbooks 1,2 &3. Any way I can get my hands on those?

    Thanks in advance,


  18. Peter Kah on said:

    Hi Francisco,
    Just wanted to know if you have any kind of commission list? I would love to get on it and I am willing to wait as long as it takes. I’m a big fan and would love to own some original art.

  19. francisco on said:

    hola soy francisco soy estudiante de diseño voy en segundo semestre y me recomendaron esta pagina y la verdad quede sorprendido, la persona que me recomendo esta pagina fue un profesor tuyo ahora profersor mio se llama alberto muños labastida, y pues me gustaria tener un pequeña platica contigo q me pudieras contar q se siente llegar tan alto y me pudieras contar tu experiencias, ojala y se pudiera mi humilde peticion q tengas un buen dia post data: tus dibujos estan exelentessssss

  20. Erick on said:

    Gran trabajo, tienes un gran estilo. Da gusto leer sobre dibujantes mexicanos que han llegado lejos por cierto me gustaron tus diseños de Megamind. Date una vuelta por la pagina de mi amigo, trabaja como animador en Japon es mexicano.

    PD Gran Trabajo el tuyo.

  21. I really treasure your work , Great post.

  22. joseph ashley on said:

    hi, i met you at comic con san diego and took a picture of you with your book. Sorry didnt recognize you but i do know your work. Are you going to put out your sketchbooks 1-3 again??

    I’d like to collect the whole thing since i got sketchbook 4 from you. your photo is on facebook if you want to look at it!/photo.php?fbid=10150246460652562&set=a.10150243166347562.328336.510332561&type=1&theater

  23. Kendrick on said:

    Hi! First of all I love your style, particularly your thick limbed characters, so awesome. Secondly, I was wondering if you do commissioned character designs, and if so – how much would a single character design cost?

    Thank you for your time !

  24. Hi Francisco!

    Your work is awesome! I have been a massive fan of yours for years!

    May I pick your brain and ask your for your professional opinion?
    I have taught myself how to draw over the years. I would love to go to art college but it is not plausible.
    To improve and become professional like youself, do you have any advice that will help me reach my artist goal?

    Thankyou for your time Francisco.


  25. Dimitris on said:

    Hello Mr. Ferrera i am an art student and i love your style. I was wondering if you have published any book or if you have some video somewhere in which you instruct or at least give some basic idea of how you draw this great artwork. i try to “inherit” your style in some way but the result is nothing like the pictures you draw ofcourse. Keep up the great work :)

  26. Joseph Ashley on said:

    hi i bought you sketchbox #4 at comic con san diego and wanted to buy the first 3 editions. Are you going to oush out another edition of the first 3 Sketchbox because its very hard to find in stores and sites and not for reasonable price??

  27. Thomas Pamperin on said:

    Aargh.. cant.. find.. sketchbooks.. anywhere.. Anyplace i can order them from or are they gone for good?

    Your work is truly an inspiration.. Thanks alot! :)

  28. Hola Mr. Herrera:

    Mi nombre es Israel antes que nada le envio muchos saludos y espero que ud y todos sus seres queridos se encuentren bien.

    Soy fanatico tuyo asi como de humberto asi que permitame felicitarlos por que son un orgullo para nosotros aqui en los angeles CA. yo soy oriundo del D.F pero tengo viviendo 11 años aqui.

    Mi pregunta es si vas a estar en la CTN expo ? Humberto va a venir tambien? que cosas van atraer tanto tu como Humberto? Van a traer el nuevo libro de Delgado?

    Ojala y esten por aca muy pronto

    Saludos y VIVA MEXICO CA…………..

  29. de nuevooo yo XD, oh espero pacientemente nuevo trabajo de usted ;_;

  30. Buenos Dias desde España!!!!

    Soy una gran admiradora suya!!! Estoy muy interesada en adqurir uno de sus libros pero no sé s es posible que usted pueda enviármelo hasta España. Le estaría muy agradecida ya que como le digo su obra me fascina y por aqui no vemos cosas así.

    Por favor, ruego se ponga en contacto conmigo y me responda ya que por mas que busco su libro para poder comprarlo me es imposible.

    Muchísimas Gracias,

    María desde España.

  31. Raul Cabrera on said:

    Hola Paco, feliz año!!! Sólo para ver si ya me tienes noticias de mi comisión de Cable que te encargué en el Festo.

  32. can you come to project comic con in
    st.louis 2012 APRIL 9-10

  33. sorry my bad, CAN YOU COME TO
    JUNE 9-10 2012

  34. Jonathan Mattox on said:

    Hey Mr. Herrera,

    I’m trying to break into the comic book biz as a colorist and I’m looking for some full-size finished penciled or inked pages to color and print out on high quality paper to put in my portfolio.

    I love your work and if it’s not too much trouble, would you please email me any finish penciled or inked files that I can color? If so, please email them to me.


  35. Matteo on said:

    I would like to know if there are some sketches for sale.
    Thank you very much

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